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My passion for music started when I was four years old. The moment I knew I existed the music played in my mind. The culmination of years of experience resulted in hundreds of compositions. I've had the good fortune to study classical music privately, at Eastern Michigan University, and at Midland College. The glorious compositions of Beethoven and Mozart touched the depths of my soul and had a profound impact that became the catalyst for my musical creativity. The background of the Website is a painting by Bill Foss,, and provides additional insights to the musical influences of my past. The site currently provides 34 songs; some recently recorded and some recorded throughout my career, a gallery of pictures, a blog, and links to MP3 downloads. I have recently teamed up with Chris Pitha, a fine percussionist, and a metamorphosis is occurring to both the old and new creations.  You can stream the songs using the widget at the bottom of the home page. The widget has a menu bar across the top that provides listeners access to the songs, videos, pictures, blog, sign up for the mailing list, store, and the ability to share the site with others. There is also an HTML player for iPhone users at the bottom of the page. I hope you enjoy the songs, the site, and our labor of love.  

Jeff Harvey

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